Yes, You Have a Personal Brand. Here’s How It Comes Through in Your Job Search

Most people know that companies have brand names and identities, but don’t necessarily think a lot about the fact that they have a personal brand of their own.  When you’re looking for a job, however, you need to know what your brand identity is, and how you come across to potential employers.  Building a strong personal brand can be a big benefit in your job search, whereas a bad brand identity could actually hurt your efforts to build a successful career.

The good news is, you can discover what image you are currently projecting, and you can find ways to build a solid personal brand. There are a few different ways you can achieve that goal.

Being consistent in branding across your business cards, resume, references, and portfolio

You should create a portfolio, a solid resume, and other documents that showcase your skills and paint a clear picture of your competence as a candidate. Be sure to use consistent themes across all of your different materials, showing why you are the ideal candidate for the job. Think about a company. When you visit their website, see a commercial or interact on social media, the best ones provide a consistent and awesome experience. Find a way to do that with your personal brand.

Learning about the company, asking questions, and coming off as informed

When you have contact with a company you want to work for, you need to keep building your brand as someone who is capable, informed, and ready to be an asset to the company. Learn a lot about the business, so you can ask informed questions and so you can ask questions that reflect what is important to you. When you walk in the door or have any phone conversation with a potential boss or co-worker, your first impression is extremely important. If you can sound knowledgeable about the company at any point of the job search, then your personal brand comes through as someone who cares about this job search, and doesn’t view it as “just another” interview.

Illustrating your accomplishments with personal stories to let your personality shine through

When you’re asked questions at an interview, sharing stories can provide both an illustration of your skills and abilities and a glimpse into your personal side. Making connections and coming across as friendly and human can help you to land a position. Yes, job searches and interviews are serious because they deal with your future. However, everyone is still a human at the end of the day. Take a step back, relax and share your experiences!

Being yourself!

You don’t want to fake who you are during the interview, only to get hired and hate your job or not fit in with the corporate culture. It’s easy to provide standard answers that will help you get the job, because those answers are what the hiring manager wants to hear. In six months, you might be looking back and thinking why you gave that stock answer when an honest answer would have shown you this isn’t the right fit for you personally and professionally.

Once you have gone through the effort of building a strong personal brand, you want to give as many employers as possible the chance to get to know you.  Technology Partners can help you to make the types of connections that make it possible to create career success with your personal brand. Contact a leader in IT recruitment in St. Louis today!


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