Want to Get Hired in IT? Show Your Business Side!

When you are interviewing for an IT position, obviously you need to demonstrate that you have technical knowledge and information technology skills. However, the knowledge and abilities you need to showcase on your resume and in an interview can go far beyond just exhibiting your hard skills when it comes to technology.

Many organizations don’t want just IT people, but want employees who fully understand the role that information technology plays within business operations. If you can show a potential employer your business side, this can go a long way towards convincing the hiring manager that you can apply your IT knowledge in a practical way to help the company accomplish concrete goals. You can show your business side and increase your chances of getting hired with these tips.

Emphasize Business Experience on Your Resume

You should customize your resume to the job ad when you apply for any job. When you use your resume to demonstrate you have the knowledge and background the employer is looking for, include details about your business acumen as well. Describe any education you’ve had in the field of business and make sure to mention your business responsibilities in past positions.

Provide Real-World Examples

Providing examples during the interview of how your IT skills can help the company achieve its core goals. When you get an interview because of your great resume, you need to be prepared to show you understand how IT fits in within the general business environment. Research the company carefully, find out about its mission statement and upcoming projects, and be prepared with answers to showcase how your IT knowledge will make it easier for the organization to achieve its goals. Show your value to the organization. If you reveal that research, it shows the company you took the time to prove you will be a great addition to their team.

Share Specific Examples

Offering specific details about how your IT work has interwoven with business objectives in your past positions. The more specific you can be about showcasing concrete business benefits of your IT work, the more likely it is you will be hired by a company that cares about how you will perform. Talk about how your project increased revenues by 17 percent or decreased downtime by 8 percent. Highlight those numbers because they carry over to every industry. Mention how you talked about them in meetings and strived to meet specific business goals through your IT skills.

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