Show Your Worth as an IT Security Candidate

Information technology security is a relatively new concern that some traditional companies have a hard time fully grasping. Although virtually every business today has some type of digital presence or uses some type of computer software or digital data collection, many companies underestimate the importance of IT security – until it becomes too late. The last thing companies want to do is have a crisis on their end because of not investing enough resources prior to a breach or an attack.

If you’re applying for IT security jobs and have managed to land an interview, you may need to convince the hiring manager not only that you’re great at your job but also that you can add value to the business even though your efforts won’t directly improve their bottom line. To help ensure you impress a hiring manager and are able to show your worth during the application and the interview process:

Translate your skills and abilities into a business value model.

You need to communicate in a concise format exactly why the company should invest in hiring you to conduct IT security activity. You can do this by providing examples of how you helped save companies money, increased productivity, and increased reliability of daily business operations in past positions. The more specific you can be about the concrete benefits your IT security efforts can provide, the better your chances of being hired. Talk about a project you oversaw or were a member on and how that led to “X percent increase” in productivity because of increased reliability.

Identify how you can help with specific projects and initiatives a company may be undertaking.

Take the time to learn about the company and what they do before you go into the interview. Then, explain how the work you will perform will integrate with the company’s core focuses. For example, you can illustrate how your IT security work will protect their brand, prevent data leaks, and improve the security of upcoming endeavors. When those areas are going well, some companies avoid wanting to invest money in those areas. However, when there is an external crisis, that brand image can take a major hit. Attempt to illustrate the impact this crisis could have in the eyes of the public.

Communicate about your past successes.

You need to illustrate how you have worked effectively within organizations in the past in order to protect the business and help create the conditions that can allow the business to thrive. Outline your past projects. Include references of either co-workers or managers who were directly impacted by your work. This is the area to brag about yourself in a professional manner. Don’t be shy!

Technology Partners can help you to get interviews for IT security positions with companies that will recognize your efforts and reward you for the important work that you perform. To learn more about how our team of IT recruiters can help you find your dream job in the IT field, contact us today at 877-636-1331 or contact us online to work with a top IT recruiter in St. Louis!


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