Prepare for Testing in Your Next IT Job Interview

Some companies that are hiring information technology workers want to make sure that job seekers actually have the skills and criteria that they claim on their resumes. If you are applying for a job with a company that has a verification process in place, you may need to undergo testing during the interview process.

IT testing can be stressful, even for skilled workers with the knowledge and ability to perform well. It’s stressful due to the unexpected element of testing. Combine that unexpected side with the traditional nerves during a job interview, and it can be difficult.

To ensure that you are able to ace the tests and impress your potential new employers, there are a few key steps that you need to take to be prepared for testing.

Ask in Advance!

Don’t be hesitant to ask your potential new employer what types of assessment tests you will be required to take. You should also find out how long the test is likely to be and, if possible, what subjects it will cover. Employers should provide at least some basic information about the testing process, which will help you to determine where to focus your preparations. Surprises in this area should raise a red flag on your side. There isn’t a reason for a test to be a total surprise.

Do Your Own Research

Review information likely to be covered on the test. Consider the details the employer has provided about the assessment and review the job description to see what kinds of skills you are expected to exhibit. This will help you to focus your studying on the things which are most likely to be covered. Your experience in the industry should help come up with some general areas that are going to be addressed by using your past history and the responsibilities in the job interview. You also can talk to your colleagues who have recently been on a job hunt or even find out if you have mutual connections of current employees at the company. They may be able to provide invaluable information.

Practice, Practice, Practice

Consider taking practice tests so you understand the format of the assessment. You are going to have nerves during the job interview, and those should be focused on doing the best job possible to complete the test. If you are taking a lot of time to read the directions or understand the format, that’s going to limit your time to solving the actual problem at the end. If you can find online tests which cover similar IT skills to what you expect to be tested on, you should take a few of those practice tests. Taking similar practice tests to a potential employer’s version will help you to think about how best to answer questions to showcase your knowledge.

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