How Can You Stand Out from Other Job Candidates?

When you are looking for work in the field of information technology, there may be many candidates who are competing for positions with top companies. You want to have the best possible chance at securing the job of your dreams, which means you need to stand out from the crowd.  There are a few key steps you can take to try to capture the attention of hiring managers and get your foot in the door. You can:

Showcase results on your resume.

Employers are looking for results, not vague platitudes.  You want to provide qualitative and substantial evidence of your accomplishments so employers know at a glance that you are an asset when hired to fulfill an IT role. If you have worked on projects, share that the project helped increase revenue by 10 percent or the new process now saves 30 minutes each week for the IT team.

Explain what roles you’ve played.

You want the employer who is considering hiring you to see how you have been an asset to employers in your past. Provide details both on resumes and in interviews about the past roles you’ve played to help companies excel in their information technology efforts. If you’ve worked as an Internet engineer, share your actual tasks with design projects. If you’ve worked as a project manager, share the types of projects you’ve worked on, especially the ones with great results.

Always be honest.

While you want to emphasize your experience and abilities, you never want to lie or exaggerate as this dishonesty is likely to catch up with you. Instead of exaggerating, simply focus your resume and your answers to interview questions on the skills that you actually have that you know the hiring manager is looking for. When the company suggests skills that you might not have (or ones you have a basic knowledge in), express a willingness to learn. It’s much easier for companies to hire for work ethic and teach new skills than it is to teach a new employee soft skills like teamwork.

Follow up.

You should ask the hiring manager at your interview or when you submit your resume when you can expect to hear back and what the next steps are. You can, and should, follow up the interview with a thank-you note and should make future contact to determine how the hiring process is progressing. While you never want to be a pest, following up can show interest and help the employer to see how serious you are about being considered for a position.

A big part of finding great IT jobs is making the right connections and getting in touch with companies that are hiring candidates with your particular skill set. When your resume needs to be refreshed to highlight your skills, Technology Partners has a great team of recruiters ready to make that document stand out from the pack. The next step to working with an IT staffing service will be to help you get interviews with companies you’ll be thrilled to work for. (We’ll coach you there as well!)

Technology Partners has more than 20 years of experience and has a vast network of hundreds of companies looking for IT professionals. We can help you to find your dream job. Give Technology Partners a call today at 877-636-1331 or contact our great team of recruiters to learn more.


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