Social Media Finds Great Job Candidates

Social media has become a great way to make connections, including professional connections. Within the IT field, hiring can be competitive and you need to ensure that you have a strong social media presence.

Not only can you use your social networking sites to connect with IT professionals who may be interested in working for your business, but you can also build your company’s online brand. When industry leaders consider working for your company, they will probably search you on social media. Your site can make a great impression.

To help ensure you can use your social media presence to help you to find the best job candidates in your industry, consider the following tips:

Share good content consistently

Social media is about sharing, and the quality of the content you share is going to make a big impression on followers. If you are consistently providing innovative and original information, you’ll attract many more people who want to find out what new information you’re offering. You can post original content or find and comment on stories of interest to people in the IT profession. To share good content, your company needs the content to share. A great way to do that is through a company blog such as ( our Technology Partners Insights). Not only does that position your company as a thought leader, but you can post the  links on social media and drive targeted traffic back to your website.

Go beyond the language of sales

You don’t want your social media sites to come across as just another effort at making a sale. You want to have content which is actually informative and demonstrates the depth of your commitment to remaining on the cutting edge in the technology industry. The information you post and the profile you create should be focused on making your business appear as a thought leader in the field. Developing a relationship with your audience through content marketing will make them think of your company when they have a need you can fill. No one likes to be sold to, but you do have to showcase your business. Finding that balance is key (and takes time).

Develop a strategy for each social media platform

You’ll want to use LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter to maximize your ability to connect to potential candidates. Each different platform needs an approach which is customized to its audience. Know the rules for sharing content and the types of content which are most likely to make an impression on each platform to make the most of each social network. For example, twitter is a great place to share jobs while professional content works better on LinkedIn.

Encourage employees to share content

By encouraging workers to share content, you can put a more human face on your organization.  The followers of your staff members will also become a part of your network, further building recognition of your brand. Anything you can do to get your employees to share content, like posts or comment on the posts will lead to increased organic traffic. And all of that organic traffic costs your company nothing.

Creating a strong online brand for your business can help you to ensure you are making a great impression on potential hires and can put you in contact with some of the leaders in your industry.   You’ll also want to find other ways to make connections with the IT professionals you are most interested in recruiting. An IT staffing service can help you to make contact with great candidates. Give Technology Partners a call today at 877-636-1331 or contact us online to learn more.


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