Improve Your Leadership by Doing Just One Thing Better

Great leaders are essential to producing great products and to building business success. The information technology field is particularly competitive, and you need to keep staff motivated, engaged, and inspired so they’ll outperform the competition and remain loyal to your organization. If you have strong leaders managing staff, workers will excel and your business can thrive even in the ever-changing world of information technology.

Great leaders possess a lot of skills, but one of the most important skills is to become a great listener.  Listening to staff provides many benefits, from helping to identify alternative processes that could be more effective to ensuring you can identify the next generation of leaders and maximize the potential of your HR resources. While being a good listener may sound simple, a few tips help ensure you are leading by listening.

  • Take time to ask employees if they have any suggestions or need help. Talking to staff members and taking the time to really listen to them will help make workers feel more appreciated and more motivated. You’ll boost morale, and you may find out ways to improve productivity as well.  By answering questions, you can also ensure employees are all on the same page and catch any issues early. Not only do you have to listen to them, but also take their suggestions and give them an honest chance.
  • Encourage staff members to talk about their career path. By taking time to talk with staff members about where they hope to go in the business, you can find workers who may be ready to be placed on a fast track for advancement. You can also reduce turnover in your business when workers know there are opportunities for growth. Reducing turnover allows you to build institutional memory and save time and money on recruiting and training new candidates. Never underestimate the cost of a bad hire or losing top talent.
  • Don’t ignore the personal side. Take the time to ask your employees about their kids, their new house and other developments in their lives. By remembering details about the personal lives of staff members, you can make your staff feel appreciated and like part of a company that cares. If your staff members don’t want to share that information, don’t press them for it or hold it against your employees. However, making an effort and remembering those details down the line will have a great impact.

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