8 Myths About Staffing Firms

You’ve heard the myths – now find out the truth! Here are the 8 most common misconceptions that we hear about finding a job with an IT staffing agency, and why it might just help you.

1. They only have temp jobs.
Not true! Not only do we have permanent, direct hire positions, but we also have contract-to-hire – which is becoming ever more popular – AND most contract positions are long term. As in several years.

2. You have to pay to work with them.
False. If someone is charging you as a job seeker for their “staffing services,” then they’re taking advantage. Staffing companies like Technology Partners are paid by their clients, and all job placement, resume writing, or interviewing prep services are completely FREE to job seekers. The better prepared you are as an applicant, the more likely we are to get paid!

3. There are no health benefits.
While this varies from firm to firm, it is the industry standard to provide benefits. Most staffing companies do offer health benefits to contract employees, some better and more complete than others. The big difference between contract and full-time work is that usually there is no paid time off or vacation time built into your pay. Independent contractors, on the other hand, are another story.

4. The pay is bad.
Also a tricky one, because rates are great for IT jobs. Bill rates are on the rise for the most part – especially with our Dallas/Ft. Worth clients – but YOUR pay comes down to the margin the staffing company is taking out of that bill rate. You have every right to know what kind of cut you get versus your staffing firm for the work that you’re doing for the client. (At Technology Partners, for example,we have a low, transparent margin that you know about from the start, and all raises you receive go entirely to you).

5. You have to take a job through that firm.
Now, unless you sign some strange compulsory and legally binding contract, then you would never have to take a job anywhere – or through any IT staffing agency. Your career should always be decided by you.

6. Getting a job as a contractor hurts your chances of being a full-time employee.
It depends on the client, but oftentimes, being a contractor actually helps get your foot in the door at larger companies. A huge amount of our contractors convert to full-time employees at our clients – about 1 in 6 actually.

7. Contract roles mean you could be let go at any time.
In at-will employment states (which is basically all of them, though some have exceptions), you could actually be let go at any time from ANY job – including “permanent” roles. However, for contract roles, unless there is a serious issue, companies that use staffing firms will typically give as much notice as possible – sometimes months or years – so that person has plenty of time to find another role.

8. If I decide to work with one staffing company, I should probably work with lots.
In this case, less can be a lot more. Be careful in who you select to work with in your job search. Be sure to ask questions about their rates, exclusivity practices, permission, and other hard questions about their benefits and policies, because unfortunately there are some unethical firms out there – or firms that will hurt your reputation at the clients where they present you.

Now that the myths are busted, what other questions do you have about working with a staffing company? For those who haven’t experienced it before, consulting and staff augmentation (two synonyms for what staffing companies do) can be a whole separate secret world of work.

We can help you gain the flexibility you desire in your career. See our current opportunities.

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