77 Percent of Consumers Now Use AI Technologies

AI and machine learning continue to make a transformational impact in a variety of industries. Customer service chatbots, self-driving vehicles, and automated securities trading provides three commonplace examples. In fact, a recent Adobe study noted that 77 percent of consumers now use some form of AI-related technology.   This growth in the adoption of AI provides significant opportunities […]

The AI Market Growing Into a $320 Billion Industry

Artificial intelligence continues to make a transformational impact throughout the modern business world. Interesting use-cases abound in multiple industry sectors, including healthcare, finance, automobile, and more. In fact, the market for AI is forecast to grow to over $320 billion by 2026, according to MarketsandMarkets.   Needless to say, a robust AI market means plentiful job […]

Where to Start When Creating a Company Podcast?

Podcasts continue to grow in popularity, with topics that span almost the entirety of the human experience. Companies in multiple business sectors are beginning to use the podcast as another advertising channel to connect with clients. They now play a key role in corporate branding; helping organizations broadcast their message to current and potential customers.   […]

Did You Know That First Impressions Are 94% Design Related?

By Insights  Any company’s website needs to provide a compelling experience to first-time visitors. After all, remember what they say about not getting a second chance to make a first impression. Additionally, considering most people browsing the web now do so on a mobile device, the corporate website also needs to look great on a […]

Scared to Store Data in the Cloud? Here are Three Cloud Myths Debunked

a hand is holding a tablet with a cloud coming out of it

By Insights The Cloud remains one of the most significant technological innovations of the last decade. Companies continue to leverage “as a Service” solutions to transfer some or all of their technical infrastructure to Cloud-based service providers. Even consumers use the Cloud to back up vital data, including photos and other media.    But is it safe? If […]

New Year, New Business Goals

By Insights With the New Year now arrived, does your company need a refresh when it comes to its business goals? The start of the year is a great time to take a closer look at both the short-term and long-term hopes for your organization. Analyzing the company’s performance over the last few years as […]

Is Your Company Geared to Prevent Cyber Attacks?

By Insights Hardly a day goes by without a hacking incident appearing on the evening news. With the exponential growth of eCommerce, social media, and online banking, cybercriminals enjoy a copious number of easy targets. Businesses aren’t immune to the scourge of cybercrime, as hackers regularly infect corporate networks with malware, or worse yet, ransomware.    […]

Episode 047: The Balance of Delegation and Retaining Authority and w/ Gary VonderHaar

Gary VonderHaar, an Executive Vice President at Mastercard, joins Lisa and sheds light on the art of bringing your authentic self to work, desiring growth, and the balance it takes to allow autonomy while realizing the extent of every decision.

Something Extra w/ Women In Technology Live Panel

In this special episode of the Something Extra Podcast, Lisa is joined by 4 leading technology experts in the discussion on Artificial Intelligence.

Episode 031: Staying The Course With Curiosity and Anticipation w/ Dan Roberts

Listen as Dan Roberts, CEO of Ouellette & Associates, shares his 30 years of IT and leadership experience with 7 secrets of the greatest leaders in the industry.