Is Your Company Geared to Prevent Cyber Attacks?

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Hardly a day goes by without a hacking incident appearing on the evening news. With the exponential growth of eCommerce, social media, and online banking, cybercriminals enjoy a copious number of easy targets. Businesses aren’t immune to the scourge of cybercrime, as hackers regularly infect corporate networks with malware, or worse yet, ransomware.   

Ultimately, a simple question must be asked: Is your business able to protect its technical infrastructure from cybercriminals? Let’s take a closer look at an important issue facing companies in nearly all business sectors. Leverage these best practices to help keep those hackers out!  

Secure Employees’ Mobile Devices   

If your employees can access your network remotely from their mobile devices, this is a potential security hole that needs to be protected. Require regular changing of their passwords, while using a password generator to ensure login credentials remain strong. Make sure your network personnel tracks each remote access of the network, verifying user ID and location.  

Two-Factor Authentication is a Must   

Related to that last point, require all employees to use two-factor authentication whenever they login to your network, either in the office or remotely. This adds another layer of protection, helping to keep hackers out.   

Data Security is Paramount   

Devise a specific security plan for protecting all corporate data. Regularly audit access to this data, while ensuring no one without proper authorization is given permission. This includes both internal and Cloud-based storage.   

Perform Regular Cybersecurity Risk Assessments   

Regular information security risk assessments and audits are another must. Consider using a trusted third-party cybersecurity professional for this task, preferably a risk mitigation specialist.    

Hiring Talented and Experienced Information Security Professionals   

Depending on the size of your organization, you likely need to onboard IT talent with experience in cybersecurity. Unfortunately, information security professionals are arguably the most in-demand role in the technology industry. Because of this cold, hard truth, expect to pay a premium for their services.  

Additionally, be sure to give your current staff training in the latest techniques for fighting hackers and other nefarious online agents. This is especially necessary for developers and network engineers if your organization has publicly facing websites and applications that connect to the Internet. Engaging a third-party IT training service to provide onsite training to your employees might be a more cost-effective approach.  

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