How to Survive The First 90 Days of Your New Tech Job

Starting a new technology job might cause some consternation, especially for those just beginning their IT career. However, having a new manager and coworkers provides a chance to make connections in the technology world. Still, it helps to have a plan to both survive and thrive in your fresh gig! With the goal of a […]

New Year, New Career. How to Prepare Yourself For The 2023 Job Hunt

A new year provides an excellent chance to take stock of the progress towards achieving your career goals. Part of this approach includes deciding whether or not to begin looking for a new job. If you decide on that strategy, you then to sufficiently prepare yourself for a focused job search. With a goal of […]

How to Sharpen Your Technology Skills For Your Next Great Role

In any successful technology career, learning only ends on your day of retirement. You need to continually add new skills and sharpen your current technical abilities to remain marketable. After all, does a candidate with exceptional Flash programming skills attract much interest in the current job market?  Ultimately understanding your technical weaknesses helps identify the […]

Have You Met Your Salary Goals in Your Current Job?

Maintaining a rewarding and lucrative tech career requires an understanding of your true worth as an IT professional. Ultimately, it’s a complex question with a host of variables, including experience and the demand for your role. Still, reaching your real earning potential requires regularly performing this analysis.   So let’s take a closer look at how […]

Haven’t Updated Your Résumé in a Few Years? Here’s Where to Start.

So you decided to look for a new position after many years in your current role. Of course, any job search requires a well-crafted résumé to attract the attention of hiring managers. If your current CV is out of date, an entire redesign is likely a smart idea.  Remember, HR personnel likely see more than […]