How to Search for Jobs During the Holiday Season

The Holidays need not cause a delay in looking for a great technology job. In fact, the lower competition during this time of the year helps your chances of finding work. It provides a great opportunity to stand out as a top candidate for the potential job of your dreams. If you are planning on […]

Does GPA Matter For Recent IT Graduates Seeking Work?

Congratulations are in order because of your recent graduation with a hard-earned technology degree. Now the difficult work begins, as you need to find a job in your field. With little experience in IT, companies must understand you still can make a positive impact on their organization. When crafting your first post-graduate résumé, should you […]

Interview Questions to Ask Your Engineering Candidate

When trying to hire a talented engineer, the interview obviously plays the most important role in your staffing process. Meeting with a candidate – virtually or in-person – provides an opportunity to probe into their relevant skills and experience. Of course, asking the right questions at this time becomes critical for discovering the most about […]