Start Measuring Your IT Employees’ Performance With KPIs

By Insights Successful project management depends on having the right metrics to analyze the effort of your team. In a broader sense, the same concept also applies to your employees’ overall performance throughout the year. It’s an essential part of being able to recognize your top performers and reward them accordingly accurately.   Understanding the right […]

Can You Use Social Media to Find Your Next IT Assignment?

Social media plays a major role in most people’s lives today, including in their job search. The question is can it help you land your dream job all on it’s own? Around half of all job searches are conducted online. Almost one-quarter of all jobs are secured by word of mouth. If you have a […]

Do More Than Just Say Thank You… It May Get You the Job

At the end of an interview, it is normal to thank the interviewer for their time. In fact, if you don’t, your lack of manners could be a black mark against you. While saying a simple thank you is customary, simply giving a verbal “Thanks” on your way out the door is not going to […]

Does Your Company Need New Database Hardware? The Answer Will Surprise You

Many companies that rely on databases will fall into the pattern of routinely upgrading their database hardware. Your organization may believe having the very latest in technology is vital to keeping your data safe and your database management effective, or you may have been told that continually upgrading your database hardware is best for your […]

What to Look for When Partnering With a Help Desk Solutions Provider

If you’re looking to outsource your help desk, make sure the help desk solutions provider is going to provide the desired level of service. Your help desk is going to make a big impact in the productivity and perception of your organization, and you cannot afford to take any chances when it comes to partnering […]

4 Job Search Tips for Experienced IT Candidates

If you are an experienced information technology candidate, you may think finding a job will be easier now that you have knowledge and credentials. While moving up the career ladder can, in some ways, be simpler than looking for an entry-level position, seeking promotions and new opportunities still presents challenges. You want to rise to […]

Improve Your LinkedIn Profile with Impactful Recommendations

LinkedIn is one of the most powerful online networking tools, but many people do not make full use of this important social network. You want to use LinkedIn both to make connections and to show off your skills and your abilities.  This means you should ensure your LinkedIn profile and professional information is as comprehensive […]