Episode 276: Rediscover What It Means to Play w/ Kristi Herold

Need more play in your life? Meet Kristi Herold. Best-selling author, professional speaker and award-winning CEO & Founder of JAM, Kristi is obsessed with building “workPLAYce cultures.” What started as a lifestyle business has grown through 10+ acquisitions into one of the world’s largest adult recreational sports league providers. In her book, “It Pays to PLAY,” Kristi helps organizations playfully connect with their teams and see improvements in retention, engagement, and innovation. Check out our episode and then close the laptop, step away, and play.

Bio: Kristi Herold is the founder and CEO of JAM, a multi-million-dollar global business that has connected millions of people through play since its inception as one of the largest adult recreational sports leagues in the world. The JAM team has produced and delivered over 4,000 playful corporate events, in over 30 countries since the summer of 2020 and the JAM team consults organizations helping them integrate fun and play into their “workPLAYce culture”. JAM has been awarded “Canada’s Most Admired Culture Award,” and certified as “Great Places to Work – Canada” multiple times.

Kristi is the best-selling author of It Pays to PLAY – How Play Improves Business Culture, a rich resource to help organizations playfully connect with their teams and improve productivity, retention, and workplace culture. Her vision is to get 1 million people playing annually!

Kristi’s Something Extra: “Have some play and to have a sense of humor. I always encourage leaders, I think it’s really important to take our businesses seriously, but not ourselves. Let’s have some fun. Life’s too short not to be playing and having fun.”

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