Episode 283: Helping Post-Startup Companies Scale & Sustain w/ Charles Fred

Join us for an illuminating episode with Charles Fred, a stalwart in entrepreneurship, leadership, and organizational learning. With nearly four decades of experience, Charles aims to create half a million net new jobs in the next decade. As the bestselling author of “Breakaway” and the force behind groundbreaking ventures like the Breakaway Group and TrueSpace, Charles is a pioneer in e-learning and sustainable enterprise. Tune in as he shares insights on startups, scale-ups, and the leadership principles driving growth in today’s competitive landscape.

Bio: Charles Fred is a bestselling author, serial entrepreneur and researcher on what makes companies successful. He is the co-founder of TrueSpace, an organization dedicated to helping businesses scale. He recently completed a 5-year study where his team was immersed in the daily working environments of 150 companies with $1-2M in revenue, all of whom were planning to reach $10M.  The research identified Five Operating Conditions necessary for small businesses to reach the middle market. The study, through a partnership with Gallup, now extends to over 4000 businesses across the U.S. For the first time, we have the science and the data to better understand the processes, cultures, challenges, motivations, and themes that emerge in businesses that reach the middle markets.

Charles is a longtime resident of Colorado, a journeyman cabinetmaker, and an elite masters track athlete. He and his wife, Julie, dedicate much of their time to their family, mentoring entrepreneurs, and giving back to the community.

Charles’ Something Extra: “What pause does for me, in this something extra, is it allows me to reflect on the person that I’m about to respond to…When I thought something was awful, given enough time to think about it, it really wasn’t that bad.”

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