What is The Importance of Data Transformation?  

Data remains the lifeblood of the business world, and its importance ultimately transcends any specific industry. For example, companies leverage data analytics – powered by machine learning – to glean actionable information to help them compete successfully. However, using data in an effective manner sometimes requires transforming it into different formats.   So data transformation is […]

Breaking down the Internet of Things (IoT)

The Internet of Things (IoT) remains an intriguing innovation, with the potential to transform the home and the factory. It allows various devices to be embedded with networking functionality, making them accessible over the Internet. The technology lies at the heart of the modern smart home. It also makes manufacturing processes more efficient and productive.   […]

How is Digital Transformation Changing Today’s Business World? 

The digital transformation movement continues to supercharge operations at companies across the business world. It essentially leverages modern technologies to optimize various business processes, ultimately making an organization more efficient and profitable. In the modern economy, companies that successfully make this change enjoy a significant advantage over their competition.  These early adopters boost efficiency in […]

Prototyping Can Improve Developer Efficiency by 45 Percent

In a competitive business world, improving your employees’ efficiency plays a key role in your ultimate success. This is especially the case with the practice of software development. Studies reveal that the time spent creating functional prototypes actually boosts developer efficiency by 45 percent. Needless to say, this significant improvement warrants adding the practice to […]

The Rise of AR and VR in the Tech Landscape

It seems like virtual reality enjoyed a status as the “next big thing” in technology for nearly 25 years. Well, VR and augmented reality (AR) appear to finally be making inroads throughout the tech world. The use-cases for both remain numerous, spanning many different tech sectors.  With an eye towards keeping your IT career headed upwards, […]

March 21 Is World Down Syndrome Day

Each year, on March 21, World Down Syndrome Day is observed. World Down Syndrome Day dates back to at least 2006, when the Down Syndrome Association in Singapore first launched and hosted a website to record global activities surrounding Down syndrome awareness. The United Nations officially began observing World Down Syndrome Day in 2011, adding […]