Why Ongoing Training Positions Your Employees For Long-Term Success

Offering meaningful professional development opportunities to your employees remains critical for multiple reasons. It ensures your company never suffers from a skills gap, with staff comfortable with the latest tech innovations. At the same time, IT professionals want to work for organizations providing a great training program and tuition reimbursement. Let’s take a closer look […]

Are Pre-Employment Assessments Necessary in Tech?

During any hiring process, your business needs to ensure it makes the right choice between candidates. This effort includes the focused analysis of résumés, meaningful interviews, and a detailed candidate rating system. Your company also must consider using technical interviews and pre-employment assessments as a critical part of this process. With a goal of making […]

The Importance of Communication: Why Ghosting Candidates is Never Okay

Sometimes when your company posts an open position, your HR team gets inundated with a massive amount of candidates. Perusing résumés and vetting each applicant’s skills and experience requires a significant effort. However, your organization still needs to act in a professional manner throughout the entire staffing process. This means maintaining a chain of communication […]

Is a 40-Hour Workweek Still Necessary?

The COVID-19 pandemic ushered in significant changes to employment all across the globe. Remote working became commonplace, with many tech employees maintaining high productivity levels from their home offices. In fact, some employers’ desire to return to the office became a contributor to the current Great Resignation. In short, modern employee wants significant flexibility in […]