How IT Professionals Impact Society Through Their Work

A technology career offers those in the industry an opportunity for a rewarding and lucrative professional life. However, those rewards transcend those that are merely financial or related to professional advancement. Additionally, technology innovations regularly make a positive impact on society throughout the world. This serves as an important reason many decide to enter this […]

The Power of Failing Forward

Despite our best technological efforts, no one is immune to the occasional human error. We should all expect to suffer failures and setbacks from time to time, that’s unavoidable. What matters is how we respond. The most successful IT professionals can reflect on their failures, learn from them, and then move on. If you’re feeling […]

Creating a Strong Culture With a Remote Workforce

With the Coronavirus pandemic continuing to disrupt the business world, companies are increasingly relying on a remote workforce. Remember, some were already taking this approach before COVID-19. While telecommuting is boosting productivity for many organizations, forging a sense of community is naturally becoming more difficult. Tech firms need to take a different approach to foster […]

8 Myths About Staffing Firms

You’ve heard the myths – now find out the truth! Here are the 8 most common misconceptions that we hear about finding a job with an IT staffing agency, and why it might just help you. 1. They only have temp jobs. Not true! Not only do we have permanent, direct hire positions, but we […]