How are You Organizing Your Company’s Big Data?

Data remains the lifeblood of the modern technology world. Additionally, the advent of eCommerce and social media plays a large role in creating these masses of information. In the end, businesses with the ability to wean actionable insights from their Big Data enjoy a significant competitive advantage over those without.  Ultimately, being able to successfully manage […]

3 Reasons Your Company Should Consider Building a Mobile App

By Insights The migration away from PCs and to mobile devices continues unabated. Customers increasingly turn to their smartphone (and sometimes their tablet) for banking, shopping, and a myriad of other reasons. Organizations without a mobile app presence are being left behind in this new environment.   The bottom line is simple. Your business needs to […]

The Benefits of Having a Virtual, On-Demand IT Leader

The Benefits of Having a Virtual, On-Demand IT Leader   Some small to medium-sized businesses need technology leadership, but simply can’t afford the compensation able to attract the industry’s best. In this scenario, considering a virtual or on-demand technology leader makes sense. Essentially, a CIO as a Service (CIOaaS) provides the SMB the means to […]

How Your Business Can Benefit From an App

Today, smart and competitive companies know the development of an app is one of the best ways to connect with current and potential customers. Customers connect on mobile devices more than any other, and more and more people are primarily turning to the internet to engage with businesses and procure the products and services they […]

Is Your Business Using AI to Its Full Potential?

Artificial intelligence has come a long way and is no longer the stuff of science fiction. In fact, smart businesses use AI every day in all different sorts of ways. If your company isn’t making use of artificial intelligence or isn’t using it wisely, you could be putting yourself at a competitive disadvantage. So how […]

How Properly Measuring Your App Metrics Can Have Them Running at Optimal Speed

You want your mobile app to be successful, but how do you define success? There are a few key app metrics you need to measure to ensure your app is providing the desired user experience and getting your business the level of user engagement and retention you are looking for. Some of the key metrics […]

A Crash Course in Understanding Your Technology Stack

When you’re planning on creating an application for mobile or web, you need the right technology stack. While this term might be unfamiliar to you, your tech stack is simply the programming languages and software products you use in application development. Choosing the right combination of languages and software is essential to building a valuable […]

Why You Can’t Underestimate User Experience in Your Mobile App

With the rapid rise of phone and tablet use, the creation of a great mobile app has become essential. Your company doesn’t just need a mobile app to stay connected and competitive though … you need a mobile app that provides a great user experience. Far too many companies release apps without ensuring the apps […]