Episode 045: Finding Empowerment Through Rest w/ Scott Kuehl

From leading a Top-100 US marketing agency to coaching leading CEO’s, Scott Kuehl, Founder and President of BrandResolve, details a thorough look at a varied career path that revolved not only about doing things well, but about taking in account the people in which it affected.

Episode 041: Believing in Something Bigger Than Yourself w/ John Kramer & Marc Braun

Marc Braun and John Kramer, President and CEO of Cambridge Engineering, Inc, show how focusing on something bigger than yourself and bringing dignity to what you do will transform the way you approach what matters in your life.

Episode 042: Empathetic Leadership w/ Krister Ungerbock

Whether it be with the people close to you at home or those you work with, Former CEO turned Author/Speaker, Krister Ungerböck, shares how the language of leadership is the communication tool that transcends all barriers.

Episode 034: Leading With Courage w/ Mark Thom

Mark Thom, CEO of MiTek Industries (A Berkshire Hathaway company), shares how to celebrate the value in people and to equip the next generation of leaders.

Episode 025: Speaking the Language of Millennials w/ Kerry Goyette

The age of choice in the workforce, speaking the language of Millenials, and the key to motivating your employees, are just a few things that Kerry Goyette, President of Aperio Consulting Group, shares with Lisa on this week’s episode.

Episode 021: The Impact of Sharing Your Success w/ Robert Teschner

Check out the life-changing story of Top Gun pilot, Robert Teschner, as he shares about his unprecedented fighter pilot career and taking his life back from cancer.

Episode 014: The Animal You Should Want to Be w/ Jack Lannom

Jack Lannom, Founder of People First, talks with Lisa about what kind of animal you should want to be, what it’s like to be a Kung Fu Grand Master, and the vital importance of Trust in business.

Episode 012: The Need For Boundaries in Leadership w/ Dr. John Townsend

Lisa sits down with New York Time’s best selling author Dr. John Townsend to talk about setting good boundaries, finding your blindspots, and one of his favorite stories, “The Well.”

Episode 005: Reaching a Million Leaders w/ René Vidal

Author, CEO, and Six-Time NCAA Tennis Champion René Vidal joins Lisa to talk about his father, morning routines, and his audacious goal of reaching one million leaders.

Episode 003: Daring to Serve w/ Cheryl Bachelder

Fresh out of the inaugural CBWB Cheryl Bachelder joined Lisa to talk about fast food, acquiring a mentor, and daring to serve.