Episode 042: Empathetic Leadership w/ Krister Ungerbock

"Something Extra episode 42" blue podcast banner with an image of a man, Krister Ungerbock

Whether it be with the people close to you at home or those you work with, Former CEO turned Author/Speaker, Krister Ungerböck, shares how the language of leadership is the communication tool that transcends all barriers.

Bio: Krister grew Ungerbock Software International from a small team in St. Louis to hundreds of employees in 8 countries. On top of that, while learning to lead in two foreign languages, he had the unique opportunity to build businesses on five continents, observe leaders in over 40 countries, and live in three of them. Krister is the Author of the upcoming book, THE LANGUAGE OF LEADERSHIP: Words to Transform How We Lead, Live and Love.

Krister’s Something Extra: Words and Empathy

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