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Something Extra with Lisa Nichols

Join our CEO Lisa Nichols as she interviews leaders from around the world to share their stories and show us what it takes to influence, encourage, and be a true leader in our daily lives.

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Episode 202: Rocking Your Moxie w/ Eneazer Layne

How would you describe someone who shows up every day with a spirit of grit and determination? Eneazer Layne, CEO of E’s 2 ACCESS, LLC/Defy Limits, calls this “rocking your moxie.” Listen as she and Lisa discuss the strength it takes to overcome difficult seasons in life and work towards being significant rather than successful. Walk away from this episode encouraged to find confidence in your unique strengths as you work through any challenges in your personal journey.

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Episode 201: Redefining What it Means to Dress for Success w/ Lisa Hu

If you were to transition into a new industry, what would it be? For many, the leap from corporate finance to fashion may seem to be too big of a stretch. However, for Lisa Hu, Founder of Lux & Nyx, the decision started with a desire to create a handbag that fit the pace of life of a high-achieving woman. Like her purse design, this episode will speak to those of you who are fast-moving and often on the go.

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Episode 200: The Best is Yet to Come w/ Ken Blanchard (Special 200th Episode!)

How do you define what it means to be a leader? According to Best-Selling Author, Speaker, and Leadership Expert Ken Blanchard, a leader is one who influences the behavior or mindset of another person. Join us this week for our 200th episode as we dive deep with Ken on how every person can embody qualities of a leader. He shares the importance of humility and the source of his inspiration, and you will take away ideas of how to maintain a vibrant life.

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Episode 199: Bringing Confetti to the Room w/ Emily Chang

Imagine gifting someone a little extra fun, moment of joy, or small delight. This is what Emily Chang, CEO of McCann Worldgroup, calls “bringing the confetti.” In this episode, Lisa and Emily discuss the micro-moments in each day that add up to something meaningful. Their conversation will leave you considering the profound power of words and how you can use them to leave a lasting social legacy.

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Episode 198: Be a Light in Someone’s Life w/ Ceroma Love

A strong work ethic, sense of humility, and personal faith catapulted Ceroma “Doc” Love, Founder of Be The Light Foundation, through a successful leadership trajectory in the military. Doc has become a master at seeking the commonalities that unite him with others, including grief. Join us this week as he and Lisa discuss the lessons he has learned from loss and starting his own non-profit to help cancer patients manage their out-of-pocket costs. Doc’s example will remind you to keep your eyes open for ways to make a difference.

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Episode 197: Nourishing Your Mind, Body, and Soul w/ Jillian Tedesco

Join us for a fun and flavorful conversation between Lisa and Jillian Tedesco, Founder/Owner at fit-flavors. Jillian has had a passion for fitness and nutrition since she was young. However, she has been forced to overcome several obstacles as she strives to help people eat intentionally. From opening her own fitness studio at the age of 22 to prepping 650 meals in a weekend, Jillian shares experiences of failing and getting back up stronger.

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Episode 196: Contributing through the Success of Your People w/ Jim Turley

We know approachability goes a long way, but what makes a person relatable? Jim Turley, Retired Chairman and CEO of Ernst & Young, says it boils down to your ability to identify and maximize the differences each individual brings to your team. This philosophy has fueled his focus on creating an equal marketplace, specifically for women and diverse businesses. Listen and learn how to leverage Jim’s lessons for your own business.

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Episode 195: Creating an Inspiring Community w/ Frank Bell

Without advancements in technology, our business would struggle to stay relevant and thrive. Nevertheless, technologists do not tend to receive recognition for how extensively their solutions help people every day. Frank Bell, Founder of InspireCIO, has created a national community to recognize IT leaders who steer the ship and do things right. In this episode, Frank dives into the importance of cultivating rich relationships and doing life with people you love.

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Episode 194: The Competitive Advantage of Company Culture w/ Landon Hobson

It’s likely you have heard the famous Peter Drucker quote, “Culture eats strategy for breakfast.” But, how is this played out in an organization? Landon Hobson, CEO at Cosmos Corporation, is a third-generation leader of his family business who has furthered its unique culture by viewing the Cosmos organization as a living organism. With his employees at the center, Landon has instituted programs and practices that further the vision. Tune in to this episode for practical ideas on how to create synergy in your company and build trust with your people.

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Episode 193: Honing in on Foundations for Growth w/ Andrea Butcher

If you are taking initiative to listen to this podcast, you are already a leader in one capacity or another. The question is: How do you grow? Andrea Butcher, CEO of HRD, a Leadership Development Company, shares four things on which she will not compromise as she coaches teams and leaders. With 20+ years of experience, she has identified struggles good employees must overcome to be a good manager. As you listen, recognize characteristics essential not only for leadership success, but also for any season of growth in your own life.

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