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Something Extra with Lisa Nichols

Join our CEO Lisa Nichols as she interviews leaders from around the world to share their stories and show us what it takes to influence, encourage, and be a true leader in our daily lives.

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Episode 218: How Perspective Enhances Leadership w/ Francesca Luthi

Have you considered how inclusivity affects the economy and society? Francesca Luthi, Executive Vice President and Chief Administrative Officer at Assurant, has championed diversity in the workplace through courageous conversations and a program to hire individuals with neurodiverse conditions. Listen as Francesca shares how any organization can benefit from having a greater perspective.

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Episode 217: What Does Winning Cost? w/ Lloyd Reeb

When we think about successes in the workplace, we often do not consider the price we pay for achievement. This is where Lloyd Reeb began to reflect and reorient his efforts. As a “recovering” real estate developer, Lloyd helps people find giving opportunities that align with their strengths and passion. As you enter the new year, this episode will help you to create your own purpose statement and use your time in service to others.

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Episode 216: Best of 2022

We’ve selected some of our favorite highlights for this episode of Something Extra. Listen in as we reflect on the incredible stories and guidance shared by our amazing guests from 2022. We hope their advice guides you into your best year yet.

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Episode 215: If You Stop Learning, You Stop Growing w/ Lori Sturgill

This week’s episode features a classic story at the intersection of working hard and pursuing your dreams. From candy striper to Chief Information Officer, Lori Sturgill has worn many hats in the hospital setting. Join Lori as she shares how her love for helping people at a young age led her to pursue a career as a healthcare executive, and how she maintains a sense of courage in a historically challenging time for the industry.

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Episode 214: Expanding Your Bubble w/ Darrin Tulley

How can we ignite happy humans and organizations to experience joyful possibilities and positive mindsets? Join us as Lisa speaks with Darrin Tulley, Chief of Possibilities at Ignite Happy and Author of “Live Your Possible.” During his successful career in financial services, Darrin experienced a moment that turned him upside-down. Now, he carries a pink pen with him everywhere. Why? Tune in to hear this story and be inspired to live with a more inclusive and creative mindset.

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Episode 212: Refining the Recipe for Excellence w/ Britney Ruby Miller

How do you pursue the life you want and deserve? As CEO of Jeff Ruby Culinary Entertainment & Author of 5-Star Life, Britney shares about pursuing excellence despite numerous obstacles. Britney not only worked her way up from the bottom rung of the ladder in her family’s restaurant business, but also fought her way to triumph through personal experiences with infidelity, infertility, and family tragedy. Tune into this episode for a real treat!

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Episode 211: Blue Sky Thinking and the Future of Work w/ Isaac Sacolick

Digital transformation is hard work, so incorporating fun into the equation is crucial. Join Lisa as she covers this and more with Isaac Sacolick, President of StarCIO and Author of Digital Trailblazer and Driving Digital. Listen to be reminded of the importance of sharing ideas with others, innovating continuously, and preparing rising leaders. You will leave this conversation with a new understanding of the current issues in the IT landscape.

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Episode 210: Becoming a Better Listener w/ Christine Miles

Stephen Covey shares a rule for success: “Seek first to understand, then to be understood.” Though many acknowledge the importance of listening, it is a skill not frequently practiced. Join us as Lisa speaks with Christine Miles, Learning Expert & Developer of The Listening Path/CEO & Founder of EQuipt. Believing in the art of transformational listening, Christine strives to help you better navigate the most important conversations in your life.

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Episode 209: Nurturing Gardens of Hope & Love w/ Ron Giordan

“Welcome to Holland,” a poem by Emily Perl Kingsley, describes life not going according to plan. You expect to vacation in Italy, but are surprised to land in the Netherlands. Ron Giordan, Co-Founder of Gio’s Garden Therapeutic Respite Center & PR/Media Manager of Focus on Energy, took these words to heart after learning of his son’s diagnosis with a seizure disorder. Join Lisa and Ron as they share lessons learned from raising a child with special needs, including the importance of intentionality, communication, and hope.

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