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Something Extra with Lisa Nichols

Join our CEO Lisa Nichols as she interviews leaders from around the world to share their stories and show us what it takes to influence, encourage, and be a true leader in our daily lives.

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Episode 183: Rewriting the Formula of Employee Experience w/ Keith Alper

How do you turn an employee who likes working for you into an employee who loves working for you? Keith Alper, Chairman & CEO at Nitrous Effect/Agencies, sets out to answer that question in this episode. Tune in as he and Lisa discuss the million-dollar word that fosters loyalty and catalyzes success. You will find that creating a culture of surprise and delight simply requires thought, creativity, and intentionality.

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Episode 182: A Smarter Use of Data Analytics w/ Eric Eager

Leveraging the right data enables you to keep doing more of what works for your company. However, the latest analytics software often fails in the implementation stage and gets scrapped before its findings can make a true impact. Eric Eager, Co-Founder of 4impactdata, discusses how he created a process that begins with the “big question” and yields actionable, codified wisdom. As a serial entrepreneur, Eric also shares several other lessons about beginning a startup and running your own business.

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Episode 181: Spreading Light through Media w/ Michael Scott

Media has become the largest entertainment force in the world but often gets a bad rap. How do we utilize this incredible tool to influence culture for the better? Join Michael Scott, CEO of Pinnacle Peak Pictures (formerly Pure Flix Entertainment), as he and Lisa discuss the bright future that exists within the growth of our digital landscape. Listen and be empowered to positively influence others through the content you share.

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Episode 180: Simplifying Sales to Stay Relevant w/ Mike Weinberg

Every leader needs an absolute dedication to their passion. This is the driving force behind the success of Mike Weinberg, Lover of Sales and Bestselling Author of three #1 Amazon books. Tune in as Mike and Lisa discuss how to help sales teams create, advance, and close their targets to find new business. Along the way, you’ll learn the fun of solving challenges and connecting with people through sales.

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Episode 179: Redeeming Time for The Creator in You w/ Jordan Raynor

Do you have aspirations of being purposeful, present, and wildly productive with your time? We encourage you to listen as Lisa speaks with Jordan Raynor, CEO of Jordan Raynor & Company, who looks at how peace is the foundation for better time management. Jordan creates content to help people live out this truth by bridging his entrepreneurial background with research from the fields of productivity, faith, and brain science. These powerful words of wisdom will leave you inspired!

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Episode 178: Building Success for Others w/ Greg Garrett

Greg Garrett, Sr. Partner/CEO of Garrett Realty Partners and Founder of Orphan Helpers, knows the power of hard work. Starting his real-estate business at 19, he has prioritized innovation and outworking his peers in order to succeed. Since, he has realized that partnering with and seeing the value in others propels you even further. But even more importantly, how can you not only see but also give a hand up to the innocent and helpless? Join Greg as he shares what it has taken to groom and lead one of the top 50 real-estate teams in the United States and the life-changing work his organization Orphan Helpers continues to do, redeeming the incarcerated children of Honduras and El Salvador.

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Episode 177: Sharing Your Humanity Through the Good, the Bad and the Ugly w/ Zip Rzeppa

Having experienced life in the spotlight as a professional broadcaster and life behind the scenes leading in the nonprofit world, Zip Rzeppa has developed leadership qualities that span industries and roles. Perhaps you’re lacking a skill or quality you see to be essential in your field. How do you overcome that? Join Zip, Executive Director at Mater Media, and Lisa as they discuss relentlessly pursuing your calling and living to the fullest while leading out of love for others. Episode 177 is not one to miss!

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Episode 176: Listening to Improve w/ Luigi Calabrese

Leaders have the responsibility to amplify the talent of their teams and encourage smart risk-taking to fuel innovation. Join Luigi Calabrese, President of Frontier Networks, Inc., as he shares the importance of listening to employees and clients to create a culture of continuous improvement.

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Episode 175: Learning to Lead with Love w/ Jim Bechtold

70% of employees don’t trust their bosses largely because they don’t believe their bosses truly care about them. So, how can you consistently put your people ahead of yourself? Join Jim Bechtold, Chief Innovation & Impact Officer at CEO Forum, as he shares how a life-threatening experience has led to a perspective shift and how you can learn to lead your people with love.

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Episode 174: Harnessing Relationships to Influence w/ Justin McFarland

When it comes to relationships, everything starts with a genuine connection. This can propel your team’s influence in your department and organization overall. Justin McFarland, Executive Vice President of Information Technology at McCarthy, has realized the importance of a leader pouring into one’s people and the power of pausing to celebrate your team’s success. Do you understand what it takes to represent your people and your department? Listen to episode 174 for insights.

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