Episode 216: Best of 2022

a woman is smiling in front of a blue background that says something extra

We’ve selected some of our favorite highlights for this episode of Something Extra. Listen in as we reflect on the incredible stories and guidance shared by our amazing guests from 2022. We hope their advice guides you into your best year yet.

Featured Episodes:

  1. Jim Bechtold
  2. Jordan Raynor
  3. Allen Morris
  4. Manisha Sheode
  5. Carey Nieuwhof
  6. Dave Sanderson
  7. James Barnett
  8. Emily Chang
  9. Ken Blanchard
  10. Kelly Dowdy
  11. Christine Miles


– Lisa Nichols, Host
– Scott Crosby, Executive Producer
– Jenny Heal, Guest Coordinator
– Morgan Cochran, Marketing Support