Episode 175: Learning to Lead with Love w/ Jim Bechtold

Jim Bechtold is the chief innovation & impact officer at ceo forum and former exec at p & g

70% of employees don’t trust their bosses largely because they don’t believe their bosses truly care about them. So, how can you consistently put your people ahead of yourself? Join Jim Bechtold, Chief Innovation & Impact Officer at CEO Forum, as he shares how a life-threatening experience has led to a perspective shift and how you can learn to lead with love to make the most impact as a leader.

Bio: Jim currently serves as Chief Innovation and Impact Officer of the CEO Forum (since ‘19). In this role, he is responsible for leading strategic initiatives through concept, qualification, and execution. These initiatives will drive member discipleship, personal transformation, as well as funding, resource breakthroughs directly transforming U.S./global culture and education.

Prior to the CEO Forum, Jim was co-Leader of the ANA’s #SeeHer movement. He led strategy for the movement and was the co-designer of the Gender Equality Measure (GEM™) tools developed to improve advertising and media ROI via the elimination of gender bias against women and girls. GEM received the research industry’s highest global recognition in ‘17 (ESOMAR Gold Medal). #SeeHer was launched at the White House in ’16 and membership includes the world’s top marketing companies (70+). The U.N. is a strong supporter and partner of #SeeHer.

Jim has been a leader in the family entertainment industry for 10+ years. He co-founded Flashlight Entertainment to support Walmart and P&G’s family programming initiatives (which was initiated by the CEO Forum) from ’08-‘15. He co-produced many top movies including: The Watsons Go to Birmingham, Return to Nims Island, and Dear Dumb Diary. Jim was co-leader on multiple new ventures focusing on internet/OTT entertainment, TV series, and music concert(s).

Jim held executive positions at P&G (’84-‘07) where he was VP/GM of multiple organizations (responsible for North America Marketing, Strategy, and Planning –including Media and Research responsibilities) and P&L business units (Baby, Family and Senior Care in Asia). P&G sponsored Jim’s Ph.D. in Organizational Leadership (which also contained an in-depth focus on women and minorities).

Jim is co-Founder of Crossroads Church (Cincinnati, Ohio), one of the fastest growing and largest churches in the world (weekly attendance exceeding 35,000+). He was co-Leader of the nationally acclaimed STRIVE K-12 Educational Reform initiative (via the Knowledgeworks Foundation). These initiatives have raised over $500 million dollars. Jim recently joined the Board of World Vision (U.S.).

Jim’s PhD (Union Institute) is supported by degrees in Business (Miami University) and Decision Science (Miami University). He lives in Cincinnati with his wife (Vivienne Bechtold – an internationally recognized P&G marketer; Co-founder of Crossroads) and three adult bi-racial children.

Jim’s life Bible verse is: I can do all things through Christ who strengthen me – Phil 4:13

Jim’s Something Extra: (From a business sense) Understand your entry points and change points. If you understand the entry and change points through which your client went in your business, the effectiveness of your advertising is unparalleled. You will dramatically increase your business output.

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