Application tuning results in $5M annual savings

A major distribution company experiencing productivity issues needed a database tune-up.

Our client is a focused and successful international distribution and outsourcing group with operations across the Americas, Europe, Asia-Pacific and Australia. They support businesses all over the world with a variety of products that are essential for their customers in the successful operation of their businesses.

The Challenge

A major distribution company was experiencing productivity issues due to slow performance of their document processing software, Brainware. A vital system, these lag times in data return resulted in unhappy users, productivity declines, and money wasted while employees sat and waited on data.

The Plan

Technology Partners selected the most time-consuming queries to tune and improve. The first step was an analysis of all query performance, database usage, and response time. After selecting the queries that were considered most detrimental to overall productivity, Technology Partners was able to tune their structure without ever touching the source code.

The Results

By leaving the source code intact, the client was able to maintain its warranty with the software provider. And the 200x increase in performance speeds allowed employees to get more done, adding valuable time back to their day. The client has estimated a total cost savings of over $5 million dollars thanks to Technology Partners.

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A 200x increase in performance speeds leads to big savings for our client.
90% of Fortune 500s
have big data initiatives underway
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Did You Know?

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Technology Partners provided an unmatched quality product. The project staff exhibited the highest level of professionalism and integrity.

Alex Restrepo, Senior Vice President of Wells Fargo Home Mortgage

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