Episode 287: Developing the Next Generation of Leaders w/ Marcylle Combs

Be inspired by Marcylle Combs, a seasoned entrepreneur and community leader who has successfully juggled the demands of owning businesses and contributing to numerous non-profit boards. With over four decades of marriage and the challenge of raising five children, Marcylle shares her secrets to maintaining harmony and ambition under one roof. From her early days contracting with a billion-dollar medical system to her thoughtful leadership that inspires loyalty, Marcylle reflects on the lessons learned and the wisdom she is eager to pass on to the next generation of leaders.

Bio: Marcylle Combs is a woman who knows how to turn challenges into opportunities. She has spent over 30 years of her adult life leading a large healthcare organization, which she owned and operated until August of 2018. During that time, she grew the company from a small home health agency to a multi-million-dollar enterprise with over 1,200 employees and 12 locations across Texas, Oklahoma, and New Mexico.

After selling her healthcare business, Marcylle did not retire or slow down. Instead, she decided to embark on new adventures and founded three companies, serving as President over MAC Legacy, The Marcylle Combs Company, and MAC Legacy Investments. These companies offer a range of services, including consulting, coaching, training, speaking, and investing in various industries.

Through dedication to growing a successful company, Marcylle discovered her real passion is working with humans to encourage and inspire each one to reach their potential. She enjoys speaking on a national level and has also spoken in Belize, Italy, China and Spain regarding various leadership subjects, such as mentoring, recruitment and retention, communication and conflict management.

Marcylle is a Certified John Maxwell Leadership Speaker, Trainer, Coach, as well as a Maxwell Leadership DiSC Behavioral Analysis Trainer. She has a wealth of experience and knowledge to share with others who want to grow personally and professionally. She believes that leadership is not a position, but a choice, and that everyone can be a leader in their own sphere of influence.

Marcylle is not only a leader in the business world, but also a leader in the community. In 2006, she founded TwentySix:Twelve.org, a non-profit that is dedicated to helping businesses provide support for their employees to serve others through mission trips, disaster relief, and in their local communities. She has personally participated in over 30 mission trips around the world, helping people in need and spreading hope and love.

Marcylle is also a wife, mother of five adult children, and a grandmother of six. She loves spending time with her family and friends, traveling, reading, and learning new things. She aspires to grow and lead others until her last breath on this earth.

Marcylle’s Something Extra: “I think it’s love. And I think it’s loving what you do, loving the passion, loving the new thing, loving the challenge, loving your people that you get to work with, or meet, or develop.”

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