Episode 288: Learn How to Lead with Agility w/ Gint Grabauskas

Explore the tech leadership journey of Gint Grabauskas, from his transformative roles at GoDaddy to becoming the CTO of Qwick. As a servant leader and digital transformation expert, Gint discusses how his focus on people, processes, and technology has led to significant business achievements and the nurturing of world-class teams. He shares insights from leading diverse industries, emphasizing the importance of emotional intelligence and agile methodologies in driving innovation. You’ll enjoy personal anecdotes from a leader who has navigated the complexities of the tech world with remarkable success.

Bio: CTO/CIO with both domestic and international development experience, with 2 successful public market exits (GoDaddy, Offerpad). Servant leader, digital transformation expert, and accomplished agile coach who excels at building and sustaining world-class technology (product, engineering, and data) teams. Focus on people, process, and technology brings about significant business results (top and bottom line). Solid customer focused business-partner, mentor, and amplifier of talent. Has excellent communication and organizational skills along with high emotional intelligence. Has come up through ranks of software engineering via progressively more challenging roles including: software developer, software architect, team lead, functional manager, engineering director, VP, and CTO. Expert in Agile and DevOps with a track record of producing world-class results. Experience leading teams in both regulated and non-regulated environments. Broad industry background including telecom, controls, storage, enterprise software, healthcare, power, cloud, facilities, real estate, and hospitality. Bilingual, holds software patent(s), and has a Master of Science in Organization Leadership.

Gint’s Something Extra: “I came down to one word, grit. And translated that’s resilience.”

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