Episode 260: What’s Happening on the Other Side of the Net w/ Liz O’Keefe

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As a seasoned tennis player, Liz O’Keefe uses several lessons learned from the court to inform her work and leadership. As the CEO of Technical Productions, Inc., she discusses working with country artists, shifting her business model during the pandemic, and innovating continuously. Most of all, Liz is focused on understanding and serving others.

Bio: Liz O’Keefe graduated from Rhode Island School of Design with a BFA in Graphic Design in 1988. She began her career in art direction and motion graphics and in 1998, she pooled her talents with husband Michael O’Keefe and became the Creative Director for Technical Productions, Inc.

She and Michael have had the good fortune to attract clients over the years that gave them an open checkbook to create anything in the world they could dream together. She’s created sets for Barry Manilow, an opening video Carrie Underwood’s shows and has won back-to-back Parnelli Awards for her production design work on Toby Keith’s tour.

After helping to manage and run TPI for over 20 years, she purchased the majority ownership of the company in 2019 and walked right into a global pandemic three months later. No one could have prepared her for what was next with a warehouse filled with gear and a cancelled calendar.

Always passionate about a challenge, she brings bold strength and vision into this new era, rebuilding the entire staff, culture and mission in this post-pandemic launch forward.

Liz’s Something Extra:  “Resilience and being able to think outside the box.”

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