Episode 261: Crafting Timeless Memories: The Pursuit of Excellence w/ Fernanda Souza Gilbertson

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Make a splash this week with President Fernanda Souza Gilbertson of Essig Pools, a company that truly transcends the mere construction of swimming pools. Regardless of your industry, this conversation will leave you with valuable insights on prioritizing excellence in your profession and embodying the essence of a people-centric leader.

Bio: Fernanda Souza Gilbertson is a notable figure in the outdoor construction industry, renowned for her leadership prowess managing robust teams, overseeing extensive, multi-million dollar projects and schedules, and driving business development initiatives across the U.S. Her impeccable record of delivering high-quality projects has earned her the role of President of Essig Pools. Fernanda’s vast expertise includes business development, sales, construction management, and pioneering operational strategies. Her keen ability to foster collaboration has made her a sought-after figure in negotiations that include a diverse range of stakeholders.

With prior experiences that span across leadership, sales and project management at various construction companies, Fernanda’s portfolio includes nurturing business relationships with thousands of accounts, overseeing new construction and renovation projects for a plethora of clients, and successfully selling add­ons to drive revenue.

A proud holder of certifications from the American Academy of Project Management as Master Project Manager and PMI. Currently, Fernanda is a GC candidate, continually striving to make impactful strides in her field. Beyond her extensive professional capabilities, she is trilingual, boasting native fluency in English, Portuguese, and Spanish. She is a member of the Worldwide Women’s Association and WOW (Women of Asphalt). Fernanda is also a passionate enthusiast for advanced image model prompt engineering, machine­learning, writing and cycling. Outside of her busy schedule, Fernanda cherishes the moments spent with loved ones, embodying her belief in the power of connections.

Her motto “RISE AND LIFT OTHERS” aptly encapsulates her leadership style, one centered around uplifting and fostering growth. An ardent believer in continual learning, she is also an active member of several industry-leading organizations, reflecting her commitment to her craft and the wider community.

Fernanda’s Something Extra: “Commitment to growth within yourself and also those around you. Rise and lift others.”

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