Episode 256: Fighting Towards Change for the Better w/ Keith Mason

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The film, “Sound of Freedom” hit theaters earlier this summer to expose the atrocities of human trafficking. This week’s guest is Keith Mason, who was an associate producer on the project. You’ll be surprised by the parallels between his own personal mission and that of Technology Partners.

Bio: Keith has maintained relationship with Maralex International, Inc.(MII) for the past 16 years. Formed in 1992, MII, was originally created to provide engineering, geologic and operational expertise for the development of coalbed methane resources worldwide. The company drilled and completed the first three coalbed methane wells on the African Continent in Zimbabwe. Subsequent to that work, the International company focused on US domestic unconventional natural gas development and production in the Rocky Mountain Region. Keith has taken the lead in various companies and entertainment projects internationally with specialized focus in Latin America and Europe.

Keith has also worked as a producer in several films including Sound Of Freedom.

Keith’s Something Extra: “To learn how to love more.”

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