Episode 248: Mobilizing Communities Through Relationship w/ Lucas Rouggly

lucas rougly is the executive director and founder of lovethelou

Twelve years ago, Lucas Rouggly and his wife moved their family onto Enright Avenue in North St. Louis. As several friends and family members helped with projects around the community, the non-profit LOVEtheLOU was formed. Listen in to hear the inspirational story of how this organization has championed the talents of its neighbors and harnessed relationships for transformation.

Bio: Lucas Rouggly is the Founder and Executive Director of LOVEtheLOU. He is a follower of Jesus and loves his wife, children, and the St. Louis Cardinals. His work in inner city North St. Louis has been featured regionally and his book “When the Sirens Stop” is to be released this year.

Lucas’ Something Extra: “In a word, I think it is sacrifice. When you truly love, you lay down your life.”

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