Episode 246: Failing Fast and Learning as You Go w/ Emily Hemingway

emily hemingway is the national ecosystem champion and founding executive director of techstl

Up until high school, Emily Hemingway said she was going to be the first female president. Today, as a National Ecosystem Champion & Founding Executive Director of TechSTL, Emily has made her mark in leadership and government. Listen in on her conversation with Lisa to learn about St. Louis’ first tech council and get her perspective on persevering through failure.

Bio: Emily Hemingway transforms communities through entrepreneurship and innovation. With nearly 20 years of experience, she is committed to fostering equitable economic opportunity across America by empowering regions through data-driven strategic planning, public-private partnerships, and leading-edge community advancement practices. Having worked her way from coast to coast, Emily is an economic development powerhouse, award-winning event producer, business accelerator director, public relations specialist, and nationally recognized thought leader in entrepreneurial ecosystem design. Emily currently serves as the Founding Executive Director of TechSTL, the first Tech Council of the St. Louis Metro.

Emily’s Something Extra: “Do it scared. You can’t wait until it’s easy or comfortable. Do the thing you know you have to do even when you’re terrified.”

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