Episode 238: When Preparation Meets Opportunity w/ Michael Arrieta

michael arreta is the founder and ceo of garden city equity

“When preparation meets opportunity” is how Michael Arrieta would define the word luck. As the Founder & CEO of Garden City, Michael reflects on the serendipitous moments that allowed him to put all of his preparation into action. Join us as Michael shares insights from his prior experience working for companies such as Cutco, Wyse Technology, Dell, and DocuSign, and the importance of creating time for solitude and reflection as an accomplished leader.

Bio: Michael Arrieta is a private equity investor, venture capitalist, and former technology entrepreneur.

He is the Founder & CEO of Garden City Equity, a people-first holding company that buys, grows and holds blue- and white-collar service businesses from owners seeking a retirement succession or liquidity plan.

Prior, he spent his time within MAV Ventures, New Story Homes, DocuSign, Wyse, and Dell.

Michael currently serves on the board of Cambia Health Solutions.

Feel free to connect: michael@gardencityequity.com

Michael’s Something Extra: “I believe every leader needs two things. A spiritual director and a lot of solitude time.”

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