Episode 240: Leadership, Entrepreneurship, and Technology w/ Kim Houlne

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As the Founder and President of Working Solutions, Kim is a technology executive who started the business with her husband. What’s more, Kim and Lisa share the same drive and entrepreneurial mindset that has helped them innovate and scale in the work-from-home era. Tune in as they both share an inside look into the mindset and business strategies that have led to their companies’ success. 

Bio: Working Solutions president and chief executive Kim Houlne is a case study of the power of determination and vision. After racking up years of marketing and management experience with major players such as Mercer, Mutual of Omaha, and Blue Cross, Kim realized the office-bound model of work no longer made much sense. She foresaw a virtual-workforce revolution—and a means for making it happen. There was a problem, however. It was the mid-‘90s and her vision was far ahead of its time. Unfettered, Kim forged ahead, bootstrapping her way to success. Nearly three decades later, Working Solutions is an industry-recognized leader in on-demand, customer-service business process outsourcing. Her woman-owned company helps scores of organizations achieve their strategic and operational CX goals.

Kim’s Something Extra: “I think the Something Extra is compassion, and the extra plus is the ability to listen. If we can listen more and talk a little less, we will be in a really great place.”

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