Episode 224: Adjusting Your Life to Fit Your Values w/ Marcy Bursac

a woman wearing a black shirt that says adopt on it

Mr. Rogers once said, “Anyone who does anything to help a child in their life is a hero.” As an Adoptive Mom, Author, Podcast Host, and App Designer, this quote takes on special meaning for Marcy Bursac. Join us as she shares her personal journey of pivoting her career, advocating for foster care adoption, and aligning her life to make family her top priority.

Bio: Scaling her lived experience as an adoptive mom of a sibling pair, Marcy Bursac advocates for foster care adoption through her app, 2 published books, monthly podcast, interviews, social media, and speaking engagements. She was recently honored in Washington, D.C. by Senator Roy Blunt as a 2022 Congressional Coalition on Adoption Institute Angels in Adoption® Honoree for her work in the adoption, foster care, and child welfare community through the nonprofit she founded – The Forgotten Adoption Option. Marcy has a full-time career, is a MBA student at Maryville University, and resides in St. Charles, Missouri with her husband, two brave children, and three rescue canines.

Marcy’s Something Extra: “I have been in the position where I have led a department, been an individual contributor, led a non-profit. Leadership is everywhere. The most critical ingredient is connection. When we connect others, we show people that you see them, love them, and want to encourage them.”

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