Episode 214: Expanding Your Bubble w/ Darrin Tulley

darrin tully is the chief of possibilities at ignite happy and author of live your possible

How can we ignite happy humans and organizations to experience joyful possibilities and positive mindsets? Join us as Lisa speaks with Darrin Tulley, Chief of Possibilities at Ignite Happy and Author of “Live Your Possible.” During his successful career in financial services, Darrin experienced a moment that turned him upside-down. Now, he carries a pink pen with him everywhere. Why? Tune in to hear this story and be inspired to live with a more inclusive and creative mindset.

Bio: Darrin Tulley believes there is a light inside each of us ready to “POP” with joy and possibilities. When we shine and live out our true potential, we help others beam too.

Darrin Tulley is a former Fortune 100 executive with over twenty-five years of experience in various leadership and coaching roles in Corporate America. He started his career connecting numbers as an accountant, became an accomplished financial services executive, and now connects humans as the CEO and Chief of Possibilities at Ignite Happy.

Darrin is on a mission to ignite happy humans and organizations to spark endless possibilities from within. He is an author, executive coach, management consultant, board advisor, keynote speaker, and leader of experiential learning workshops for his original platform, Live Your Possible. Darrin is known for guiding individuals and businesses to fully experience the power of possibilities rooted in happiness and inclusion. On a personal note, Darrin is also a foster parent of seeing guide dogs, a husband to a psychotherapist, a father of two thriving teenagers, and a former coach of 30 youth sports teams.

Darrin’s Something Extra: Wonder

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