Episode 211: Blue Sky Thinking and the Future of Work w/ Isaac Sacolick

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Digital transformation is hard work, so incorporating fun into the equation is crucial. Join Lisa as she covers this and more with Isaac Sacolick, President of StarCIO and Author of Digital Trailblazer and Driving Digital. Listen to be reminded of the importance of sharing ideas with others, innovating continuously, and preparing rising leaders. You will leave this conversation with a new understanding of the current issues in the IT landscape.

Bio: Isaac is the president and founder of StarCIO, a technology learning company that guides leaders on digital transformation. A lifelong technologist, Isaac has 20 years experience in startup CTO and transformational CIO roles. Recognized as a top digital influencer, and is a frequent contributor to InfoWorldand CIO.com.

He is a writer, keynote speaker, and author of Amazon bestseller, Driving DigitalandDigital Trailblazer.

Isaac’s Something Extra: Time management.

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