Episode 205: Walking Step in Step with Your Destiny w/ Tarah M. Williams

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Are you finding satisfaction in your work? Join us this week as Lisa interviews Tarah M. Williams, Author & Personal/Business Development Coach. Tarah shares her raw story of overcoming childhood trauma, interpreting an OCD diagnosis as a strength, and challenging people to think, do, and live better. After listening to this episode, you’ll consider how to relentlessly pursue your purpose.

Bio: Tarah M. Williams, Author of more than 10 books, Podcaster on all major platforms, and Former Radio Show Host actively changes the lives of others. As a Chaos Coordinator and Accountability Partner she challenges people to Think Better, Do Better, and Live Better lives. Her motto is “Do Everything.” She is proud to exclaim that her personal experiences and faith in God have qualified her to be a great teacher. Her goal is to lead others to their destiny. She has developed a fun, strategic way to help people connect the dots of their lives through her company Stalk Your Destiny.

Stalk Your Destiny is “Connecting You to Your Destiny, One Step at a Time.” It is here that Tarah let’s her clients know, “Everything You Want to Become, You Already Are.” She does this by focusing on Identity, Direction, and Accountability through the actions of Mending, Mentoring, and Motivating. In Stalk Your Destiny, Tarah teaches what she calls “ABC’s to Stalk Your Destiny,” which is also the title of one of her several books. Whether it’s leadership training or individual growth, the ABC’s to Stalk Your Destiny cover, from A to Z, topics to promote professional and personal development. Some topics included are Balance, Effectiveness, and Trust. In the book are thought-provoking questions and a place to write out answers for true elevation.

Tarah was born and raised in St. Louis, MO. She is a graduate of Normandy Senior High School and attended college at Southern University A&M College where she studied Sociology for 2 years. She is a mother of 3 boys and divorcee. Though her life may have seemed to set her up for failure, she used all adversity to shape her and push her even further toward her destiny. In 2011, she published her first book called, “This Love, His LOVE,” a faith-based novel and love story that takes you on a rollercoaster ride with a young entrepreneur’s business and personal life. In 2013 this book was taken off the shelf, due to the publishing company’s unfortunate dealings. This book has been released again on Amazon.com in 2019 and is currently available.

Tarah is on a mission to help all who desire to: 1. Grow in their faith 2. Find their purpose 3. Stalk their destiny. She will walk with you, side by side, and make sure that you are well prepared for the lifestyle you desire to live. She is eager to be the driving force behind others success and to let her light shine in the world. “Tea Time with Tarah” has been building a community of doers. It is a monthly gathering and networking event that she hosts to continue to empower, inspire, and challenge others to continue to move forward as well as to stay connected with one another. She lets attendees know, “You Have a Voice and it Needs to be Heard.” From her first year of teaching at this gathering, she developed her book, “PERMEATE,” A Collection of Rants and Lessons on Life and Love.

Of one of her latest titles, “Until & Then Again” Chronicles of a Narcissist’s Wife, Tarah says: It took me so long to finally produce this book because dealing with Mental Health is serious and sometimes when you go through things you can’t assess yourself during that time. It took years to be able to read this book because healing and awareness had to take place. I had to grow and gain strength to face the reality of what I overcame. My hope is that this creates healthy dialog and people awaken to themselves and start to live better lives. Never discount the journey. Everything I’ve been through prepared me for who I am today. Life lessons can be tough trials but great triumphs!

This book explores the struggles Tarah faced during her marriage including losing her identity, having no direction other than the titles life had given her, and no accountability to reach a higher direction in life. Dealing with her marriage as well as becoming a mother and going through the process of healing from a childhood trauma is how she picked herself back up and started her company. She started writing books in 2004 and never stopped, even when life gave her plenty of reasons to quit. #StalkersDontQuit

Her continued and unwavering faith propelled her to create and published a monthly devotional series called, “Earthly Branches.” This is also an interactive book which includes a daily focus as well as question for each day for the reader to really ponder on and reflect in the space given. Some of the topics in this series are New Beginnings, Courage, Faith, and Harmony. Changing lives is what Tarah does intentionally. She works diligently to give God’s Love at all costs to everyone. She has more books in the works and many more lives to touch, empower, encourage, and change for the better.

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