Episode 206: Living the Gooder Life w/ Kendall Layman

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Kendall Layman grew up hearing the adage that there are only two types of days: good or gooder. However, he came to recognize how hard it was to choose either option in the face of a life-altering event. Now, as Managing Director Global IT and Author of “The Gooder Life in Layman’s Terms,” Kendall focuses on how to navigate life with purpose and be set apart from the crowd. In this fascinating episode, he shares his transition from military to corporate life, technology’s front seat in business, and the importance of mentoring the next generation.

Bio: Kendall Layman is an executive leader who continually looks for ways to turn the complexities of business, and life, into simpler solutions for success. His service in the United States Air Force and years of experience as a professional working in small businesses to Fortune 500 companies is combined with his love for storytelling in his book, The Gooder Life, where he reveals how certain attitudes and principles will set you apart from the crowd.

Kendall lived in Dallas, Tulsa, and Tucson before returning to his native Northwest Arkansas to raise his children. Maintaining a balance between work and family has always been of utmost importance. He and his wife Kathy have a passion for building, camping, and especially for spending time with their young grandchildren; all of which keep their lives in proper perspective.

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