Episode 194: The Competitive Advantage of Company Culture w/ Landon Hobson

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It’s likely you have heard the famous Peter Drucker quote, “Culture eats strategy for breakfast.” But, how is this played out in an organization? Landon Hobson, CEO at Cosmos Corporation, is a third-generation leader of his family business who has furthered its unique culture by viewing the Cosmos organization as a living organism. With his employees at the center, Landon has instituted programs and practices that further the vision. Tune in to this episode for practical ideas on how to create synergy in your company and build trust with your people.

Bio: Landon Hobson is the CEO of Cosmos Corporation. Cosmos does new product development, manufactures, markets, and sales for three global pet care brands – TropiClean, Naturel Promise, and Urine Off.  Founded in 1980 by Don Kassebaum Sr., the company started as Winslow Distributing and sold beauty supplies to salons. In 1984, the company transitioned to selling similar products for pets. Cosmos also funds a nonprofit organization called Gifts of Love International, which has built an orphanage and school, feeds thousands, and provides homes for many in countries such as Guatemala, Haiti, the Congo and beyond.

Seven Kassebaum family members work at the company today, including Hobson, the son-in-law of Kassebaum brother Don.  Landon is originally from North Carolina where he lived 25 years of his life, moved to New York City for 5 years to work and complete a master’s degree at Columbia University. Landon lives in St Charles County with his wife Nikki and two boys: Charlie and Henry.

Landon’s Something Extra: Servant Leadership

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