Episode 188: Success Only Precedes Work in the Dictionary w/ Brett Gilliland

brett gillland is the founder and ceo of visionary wealth advisors and host of the circuit of success

How do you create a definition of success that is both personal to you and leaves a legacy for others? Brett Gilliland, Founder & CEO at Visionary Wealth Advisors & Host of the Circuit of Success, discusses how he has learned to take initiative and work hard to impact others. Starting with the decision to leave the firm where he was a successful advisor, Brett began his own fiduciary practice to “help people achieve a future greater than their past.” Learn how you can make the most of each day and align your time with your passions!

Bio: In addition to his duties as CEO of Visionary Wealth Advisors, Brett partners with clients and financial advisors helping them to achieve their biggest dreams and aspirations by focusing on what he calls the “F to the 5th Power” – Faith, Family, Fitness, Firm, Fun. Brett embraces the firm’s mission of “Helping you achieve a future greater than your past.” Through the firm and his podcast, The Circuit of Success, he sits down with people form all walks of life to learn from their success and their challenges and what’s made them the people they are today.

Brett is an active member in his community and speaks at universities, military bases and corporations about entrepreneurship and building leadership skills. He serves on the Board of Directors for the Saint Louis Sports Commission, Brace For Impact the Saint Louis Zoo and Southern Illinois University Edwardsville’s (SIUE) School of Pharmacy. In 2007, along with his wife, Julie, they founded Swing Fore Hope, a 501c3 non-profit organization that funds cancer research and provides financial assistance to cancer patients in their community.

Brett graduated from Eastern Illinois University with a BA in Communication. Brett and Julie have four boys, Max, Drew, Hudson and Asher and are actively involved in their sports and school communities. In his spare time.

Brett’s Something Extra: Follow a process.

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