Episode 182: A Smarter Use of Data Analytics w/ Eric Eager

eric eager is the co-founder of 4impact data

Leveraging the right data enables you to keep doing more of what works for your company. However, the latest analytics software often fails in the implementation stage and gets scrapped before its findings can make a true impact. Eric Eager, Co-Founder of 4Impact Data, discusses how he created a process that begins with the “big question” and yields actionable, codified wisdom. As a serial entrepreneur, Eric also shares several other lessons about beginning a startup and running your own business.

Bio: Eric Eager is a passionate entrepreneur born and raised in Texas with a heart for helping businesses. He is also the Co-Founder of 4Impact Data.

A graduate from the University of North Texas, Eric started his career in the tax industry at Ernst & Young. He left that field and to begin his first entrepreneurial venture, an automobile business. What started out as a $25k investment quickly grew into an over multimillion-dollar company. Eric’s experience opened doors to work with many industry-leading companies including Exon Mobile, Dell, and Hallmark.

When he isn’t working on 4Impact Data, you can find Eric (a dad joke enthusiast) spending time with his family, on an outdoor adventure.

Eric’s Something Extra: Prioritize

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