Episode 160: The Value of Serving Others Over Serving Yourself w/Jonathan Keyser

Jonathan Keyser is the founder of Keyser inc. 5000 commercial real estate firm

Imagine if everyone in business operated with a drive to help everyone they could. How could that change the world? In this week’s episode of Something Extra, Jonathan Keyser, Founder of Keyser, Inc. 5000 Commercial Real Estate Firm, shares how to get out of a scarcity mindset and into abundance in business. Episode 160 will leave you inspired to go the extra mile in your next business relationship.

Bio: Jonathan Keyser is the founder of Keyser. Keyser is one of the most innovative and trustworthy technology-enabled occupier services commercial real estate firms in the country. Additionally, Keyser is a founding member of EXIS Global, the largest independent, commercial real estate organization in the world committed to exclusively representing corporate end users.

Jonathan focuses his efforts on changing the business world through selfless service and his efforts manifest in his content, thought leadership, and the level of excellence he holds his team to within Keyser. Jonathan was named “The Commercial Real Estate Disruptor” by USA Today, is a #1 Best Selling Author the Wall Street Journal for his book, “You Don’t Have to be Ruthless to Win”, a frequent keynote speaker, a thought leader featured in over 150 articles, publications, and podcasts, and is recognized as one of the Top 20 Virtual Keynote Speakers in the country.

Jonathan’s Something Extra: Grit. 

“There have been so many times I’ve been tempted to quit… stay the course, push through it. It’s the resilience and grit that define the people that make a huge impact in the world and those that don’t.”

Links and Mentions: 

– Lisa Nichols, Host
– Scott Crosby, Executive Producer
– Daniel Williams, Recording Engineer