Episode 159: CEO Tools for any Leader w/ Jim Canfield

Do you know what your next step should be to level up your leadership? Do you have all of the resources you need to create meaning and opportunities for those who work for and with you? Join Lisa as she discusses how to plan, execute those plans, and coach higher performance with Jim Canfield, President of CEO Tools/Author/Speaker.

Bio: Jim Canfield has long been interested in and focused on the unique leadership roles and responsibilities of CEOs and senior executives. After building two companies from start-ups, Jim devoted twenty-five years to the study of executive leadership in the CEO Peer group industry and has logged over 10,000 hours coaching CEOs and high-performing teams. Jim was C-Level executive at Vistage and was CEO of Renaissance EXECUTIVE FORUMS, another leading peer group company.

Currently President of CEO Tools by Aprio. Jim is building a content-based coaching and consultant practice inside the CPA-led advisory firm Aprio. Jim is the author of CEO Tools 2.0: How to Think, Lead and Manage Like a CEO.

An active speaker, he has spoken to over 250 groups totaling over 4,000 CEOs and executives on these key concepts in a little over two years. Jim was named the 2018 Speaker of the Year for Vistage’s Canadian affiliate, TEC Canada and International Speaker of the Year for Vistage UK for 2019.

Jim was a Founder of a privately-held regional transportation and distribution company in his hometown of Memphis TN with his brother. After the trucking company, Jim was a member of the group that founded Caliber Financial Group, a fixed-income investment firm specializing in the investment needs of credit unions.

Jim lives in Scottsdale, AZ after almost 20 years in San Diego. Jim has two children and a new grandson born in May.

Jim’s Something Extra: Learning and making sure that the organization celebrates successes.

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– Lisa Nichols, Host
– Scott Crosby, Executive Producer
– Daniel Williams, Recording Engineer