Episode 155: Stepping Off The Hamster Wheel w/ Steve Morris

Steve Morris is featured on something extra episode 155

When is the last time you stopped and thought about the processes you follow throughout your day? In the words of Steve Morris, Founder and President of Catylator, “documenting the processes followed within your company leads to consistency which allows you to scale.” Your day will be enriched by this episode as you get a glimpse into Steve’s experience, wisdom, and zeal for leadership. 

Bio: Steve started his career designing multi-million dollar racing yachts, and building and coaching high performing teams to help his clients win the world’s most demanding yacht races. He has run and grown a small business, and then transitioned his career to become a certified PMP program manager managing million dollar budgets and helping the US Navy launch ships into the fleet. 

Six years ago he started his own business, Catylator, with the mission and passion to help business owners build better lives through building better businesses, getting unstuck, fueling growth, achieving more profit and having more fun with their crew. He is a Professional EOS Implementer, is certified in the LEGO Serious Play method, and teaches, facilitates and coaches individuals, leaders, and business leadership teams on their voyage to success.

Steve’s Something Extra: Self-Awareness. Understanding the idea that your physiology and your psychology are not separate. Your mind and your body are connected which means that your breath is the remote control to your nervous system that connects them together. A powerful shift happens when someone is aware enough to recognize when they are triggered and can manage the stress that is going on in their body to respond appropriately. 

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