Episode 152: The Power of Perspective w/ Marc Bernstein

Marc Bernstein is the ceo and founder of Balto software

As a leader, your team is counting on you for perspective to see the whole picture. We cannot underestimate the power of clarity and how it helps us to build trust with those we are called to lead. Take a few minutes today to listen in on Lisa’s recent conversation with the CEO of Balto, Marc Bernstein.

Bio: Marc Bernstein graduated from Washington University in 2015, majoring in Entrepreneurship and Marketing and minoring in Psychology. As a high school senior, Marc founded his first company, DoorStep Fitness, a direct-to-home personal training service. As DoorStep Fitness’s marketing strategy developed, Marc was responsible for generating an average of 52 inbound leads per year at cost of just over $150 per lead. DoorStep Fitness grew to a team of five trainers and a network of more than 100 clients. After DoorStep Fitness, Marc joined two St. Louis startups, PFITR and TopOPPS. At PFITR, as a sales development representative, Marc produced 70 sales qualified leads in his first month and was soon promoted to Director of Business Development. At TopOPPS, as an account executive, Marc was named the 2016 Sales Contributor of the Year and also TopOPPS’s Clutch Player of the Year.

Marc’s Something Extra: Be real with your team. Oftentimes, leaders are too afraid that negative news will reverberate throughout the company. The reality is that if it’s delivered clearly and transparently and includes a reasonable path to a solution, teams can rally around bad news even more than they do around good news.

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