Episode 143: How to Lead Without a Word w/ Jane Adshead-Grant

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Seeking to understand, resisting the urge to interrupt, and minimizing distractions are just a few of the practical ways to improve your listening skills. In this week’s episode with listening specialist, Jane Adshead-Grant, you will walk away with insights on the colors of listening, how to lead without speaking, and how to develop deeper relationships through your listening.

Bio: As Executive Coach and Facilitator, I create the environment for you to think and lead at your best.

I work with emerging and experienced leaders who are keen to develop people centric leadership. Current and former clients work within Deloitte, Columbia Threadneedle, Rothschilds, HSBC, HP, MunichRe, Barclays, Philip Morris International, Barry-Wehmiller and Virtusa.

In 2005 I became an accredited coach with the ICF and reached my dream of being a master credited coach, MCC in 2016. This puts me in the UK’ s top 4% operating at this level – a standard I continue to develop and refine.

After my post-grad in psychological coaching I discovered the work of Nancy Kline and the gift of independent thinking. I learned the skills, mindset and impact of deep listening – generating the best in others. This work transformed me not only as a coach but as a wife, mother, daughter and sister.

During the October 2000 dot.com market collapse I found myself laying on the Boardroom floor wondering how I would get up, ironically a disc in my back had also collapsed. I didn’t imagine that after turning down a job offer at Buckingham Palace to pursue my dream of working in The City that I would end up in hospital requiring treatment.

After 15 years in the Financial Services in HR roles, I decided to set up my own coaching and leadership development practice. My purpose is to create the environment and leadership that enables growth and fulfilment. I listen. I encourage. I gently challenge. I co-create. I help you recognise your own unique gifts, talents and contributions.

I began my career as a secretary in a CEO office and after a few years decided to take a break and travel the world. It was during one of my work experiences where I learned about people in business and most of all I witnessed the impact of work on people’s lives. From then, I knew what I wanted to do for the rest of my life.

Over time I worked and studied my way into an HR position in the Financial Services. I experienced working environments that were supportive and encouraging and others that were fast paced, harsh environments where individuals were rewarded for their financial contributions irrespective of how they treated others. Personally I experienced lacking self-belief, doubting my contribution and later finding my value.

If you’d like to develop your leadership and generate greater positive impact in your business, connect with me here or www.janeadsheadgrant.com

Jane’s Something Extra: Listen and listen more. Listening is such an underrated skill in leadership and in life. All too often we confuse hearing with listening and we take it for granted. When we listen first as leaders, we allow others to step into who they are meant to be.

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