Episode 133: You Can’t Be It If You Don’t See It w/ Kristine Swan

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You can’t be it if you don’t see it. This is why Kristine Swan believes the something extra every leader needs is optimism and the ability to call out the greatness you see in those around you. You will walk away from our 133rd episode with action steps on how to instantly increase your growth quotient and how you can be the one to pave the way for a better tomorrow within your work environment. 

Bio: Kristine is a business strategist and digital solutions delivery executive, specializing in innovation and transformation. In her role as the Head of IT Business Partnering for Digital Farming at Bayer, Kristine is responsible for enabling new digital-based business models and digitizing core business operations with agronomic data insights. She is passionate about understanding socioeconomic and technology trends, to shape innovative offerings for farmers and environmentally sustainable solutions for our global agri-food system.

During her more than two decades in the agriculture industry, Kristine has led strategy development of integrated agronomic solutions, drove improved customer centricity through digital capabilities, accelerated the use of customer data and analytics to drive decision-making, and delivered efficiencies through enterprise capabilities.

Kristine received her Master’s Degree in Business Administration (MBA) from Washington University and a Bachelor’s Degree specializing in Information Systems and International Business from Fontbonne University.

Kristine’s Something Extra: Optimism – not just in the current situation or the future. It is optimism in the people that you lead. Being able to see what people cannot see in themselves and having confidence in them to push them into greatness. 

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