Episode 125: Willingness to Fail in Your Leadership w/ Tim Kessler

Tim Kessler, COO of MTM, Inc. on the Something Extra Podcast

How do you conquer the fear of failure and better promote yourself? Lisa and Tim discussed those topics as well as how to be proactive in your first 100 days in a new role! Tim Kessler is a St. Louis native with 20+ years of experience leading technology-focused departments within large organizations such as Ascension, Express Scripts, and CitiGroup.

Episode recorded on 1/26/2021

Bio: Tim is a St. Louis native with more than 20 years of experience leading large organizations with technology-focused departments, like Ascension, Express Scripts, and CitiGroup. As COO, Tim is responsible for driving business growth, ensuring quality and compliance, and maintaining stakeholder satisfaction and service improvement. Through his oversight, MTM’s operational departments—including our contact center, logistics, quality and compliance, and implementation teams—operate successfully and efficiently to the satisfaction of our clients and their customers. Tim earned his bachelor’s of science degree in business administration and management information systems from Saint Louis University.

Tim’s Something Extra: Courage – the ability to be willing to fail and not to worry about it even if you may not think you’re fully qualified. Remove the “I can’t” and start asking what’s the next step to try.

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