Episode 121: Practicing Humility in Leadership w/ Jeff Henderson

Jeff Henderson, author, speaker, and pastor, on the Something Extra Podcast

Jeff Henderson, author, coach, and consultant at The For Company, is listed by Forbes Magazine as one of the top 20 speakers that you shouldn’t miss and we couldn’t agree more!

Bio: Forbes Magazine named Jeff Henderson one of 20 speakers you shouldn’t miss. His message is based on his experience working with organizations such as Chick-fil-A, the Atlanta Braves and North Point Ministries. Over the past 17 years, Jeff helped launch three churches and inspired churches around the world with the FOR strategy outlined in his book, Know What You’re FOR. He now leads the FOR Company —helping organizations define what they want to be known FOR.

Jeff’s Something Extra: Humility. “It’s an odd thing because if I were to say, “Lisa, one of the best things about me is that I am a humble person.” That would mean I failed the test. I try to tell people that I am not a humble person, but I am a person that tries to practice humility. I think every leader needs to practice humility.”

Links and Mentions: 
Jeff’s Book: Know What You’re For 
The For Company 

– Lisa Nichols, Host
– Scott Crosby, Executive Producer
– Daniel Williams, Recording Engineer